There are a lot of New Zealand car hire companies out there; however we doubt any of them have a history as interesting as JUCY’s. JUCY Rentals was founded on the 12th of September; the day after the tragedy that was 9/11. Although this was not the best of timing, it did not stop the company’s founders; Tim & Dan Alpe pursuing their vision.

The two brothers have been in the car rental business from a young age; their father was in the New Zealand car hire industry owning Maui campervans. The brothers gained a lot of industry experience and inspiration from their father, and were also involved in the cleaning of campervans for extra pocket money.

JUCY car and campervan hire started off with an impressive fleet of thirty five Daewoo’s. Since then, the company has been expanding at an impressive rate.

JUCY Rentals aim is to become the biggest travel business in the South Pacific, and if they carry on expanding at the rate that they already this is an easily attainable goal. They are already the leading supplier of 2nd tier rental vehicles in New Zealand. As you can imagine, this is incredibly impressive when you consider how long they have actually been in business for.

The Alpe brothers plan to carry on expanding their business and strive to be the best that they can possibly be. They value their employees very much and admit that they are their greatest asset. The great thing about JUCY is that it is a family owned and run business whereas a lot of the car rental companies in the area are large corporations.

If you are thinking about hiring a car or any other vehicle in New Zealand then JUCY should be your first port of call.